We can deliver a a range of closely integrated specialist services

3D Visualisation

With many years of experience in both graphic design for print and high quality 3D modelling and animation, we are able to offer a comprehensive consultation and scheme presentation package.

The days of being able to consult on a scheme using just the plotted engineering drawings are thankfully now long gone. The importance of finding ways to fully communicate what the specifics of a given scheme will mean for each concerned individual, by allowing them to see and believe the impact it will have, is vital in ensuring a full buy-in can be achieved at an early stage. It is just as important as a tool to allow issues to be spotted early on, reducing the possible impacts to the overall timetable of a scheme.

And it is not just about producing appealing imagery. We are fully invested in the goal of producing a fully linked up product, ensuring that what is displayed is an accurate representation of what can be built by linking it to any 2D/ 3D engineering design. As the visualisations are also linked back to our traffic models, we are also ensuring that the impacts and performance demonstrated are based on fully validated empirical data.



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