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Jaguar Land Rover - Solihull

Date: 2012-2015 | Client:

Key Outputs

  • Micro-simulation model
  • 3D videos
  • Technical notes and reports on proposal impacts

New Concepts

  • Model developed over 24 hour period, as opposed to only modelling the normal peak hours, to understand impacts of proposals across full working day.
  • Modelling of multi-storey car park using 'real' spaces


A large and complex VISSIM model has been developed, incorporating the detailed internal workings of the entire factory over a 24 hour period. The surrounding highway network has also been modelled.

This model has been used for multiple projects, including:

  •  Testing internal road and delivery bay layouts
  •  Testing different delivery schedules and shoft patterns
  • Testing future growth
  • Assessing impacts of the above on the surrounding highway network

One of the model's primary uses has been to analyse and assess a proposed on-site employee multi-storey car park, considering both the effects within the site and on the local highway network.

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